Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books

The Harold Huxley Rhyming Picture Books tell the stories of Harold Huxley, the adventuring househog, in rhyme. The fun stories appeal to children aged 3 - 6 years and help them learn about rhyming verse. They are available via Amazon, Hylands House Gift Shop, Essex and via book shops worldwide. (Paperback and e-book) 


Harold is a househog, part of the hedgehog family
Each day his adventures fill him with glee.       
His amazing journeys, with his best friend, Lamb,
don’t always go smoothly, or even to plan. 
Book 6 in Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books
Book 5 in Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books
The Puffin Pirates

Harold and Lamb borrow a boat,
and they sail out to sea, bobbing afloat.
They‘re captured by pirates; will they be eaten as bait?
Or will they find the treasure before it’s too late?

The Magical Beeley Bugs

While camping in the forest there was a strange light.

The friends hide behind a bush and spy an amazing sight.

They discover Bumble, a blue beeley bug, with a magical power.

The excitement begins when he thinks Lamb's ear is a flower.

Book 4 in Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books
The Snow Creatures' Secret

It's Christmas Eve and the world is white,

the friends build a snowman, who gives flight.

They chase after him and they soon uncover,

the snow creatures' secret that you too can discover.

Book 3 in Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books
The Confused Kangaroo

The friends travel to Australia and meet a kangaroo,

who mistakes Harold for her baby, and off she flew!

She leaps across the ground, with Harold in her pouch.

Discover what he does to make her stop, and say, "ouch!"

Book 2 in Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books
Dragons Can Fly!

They find a baby dragon, who is lost far from home.

They help him return to Hawaii, so he isn't alone.

A fire breathing dragon, gives them a fright.

But it is only Aunt Lava and she alright.

Book 1 in Harold Huxley's Rhyming Picture Books
The Rainbow's Secret

Harold sees a coloured arch, it’s a rainbow he’s told.

They look for the end, as there’s meant to be gold.

They find the rainbow’s end and the secret it hides.

Discover what they uncover. You might be surprised!

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