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The Adventures of Harold Huxley
Early Reader Chapter Books

These books tell the stories of Harold Huxley, the adventuring househog, and his best friend, Lamb. The books are for children aged 5 - 8 years (Key Stage 1) and invite your child to enter the magical world of their own imagination as they go an adventures with Harold and Lamb.

They are available in paper back and e-book via Amazon, book shops worldwide and signed copies can be purchased by contacting us

Harold Huxley, Emma McNally, Rainbow, Journey, Adventuers, househog,

Harold Huxley's Journey to the End of the Rainbow 

Join Harold and Lamb on their exciting journey, as they discover a magical secret, while searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Book 2 in The Adventures of Harold Huxley
Harold Huxley and the Flying Dragon ​

Harold Huxley, the adventuring househog and his best friend, Lamb find a baby dragon hiding among the boxes in the attic.


The friends help Dillon, the baby dragon, return home to Hawaii and have an amazing adventure on the way.



Book 3 in The Adventures of Harold Huxley

Harold Huxley's Adventure Down Under

Harold and Lamb secretly stowaway and travel to the other side of the world. The explorers have only just arrived 'Down Under', when Harold has his own unexpected adventure.


After a high speed chase, Lamb believes he knows his way back, but the friends soon become lost and wonder if they'll ever get back home.

Book 4 in The Adventures of Harold Hxuely

Harold Huxley and the Magical Snowman

Harold and Lamb were very excited; it was Christmas Eve and their world had turned white. As they play outside in the snow, events take an unexpected turn.


The friends go on an amazing adventure where they discover the magical snowman's Christmas secret.

Harold Huxley and the Enchanted Forest

Harold and Lamb were camping, when Harold was suddenly awoken by a bright light filling the sky. The two friends creep into the forest to investigate, and while hiding in the bushes they discover some magical creatures, called beeley bugs. 


Discover what happens when the friends meet Bumble, a clumsy blue beeley bug, who accidentally uses his magic on Lamb.

Harold Huxley and the Mysterious Island

Harold Huxley and the Mysterious Island

Harold Huxley, the adventuring househog, and his best friend, Lamb, borrow a boat and go sailing one bright summer’s day.

Their adventure begins when they find themselves heading towards the mysterious island and encounter some rather unusual pirates; but are their rescuers friends or foes? And what is the island’s secret?

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